Alphabetical Index:

BUSINESS MASTERY SERIES: 30 Work Books 134-152 pages each

1. BUSINESS MASTERY CLIENT ACQUISITION                            Page: 2                     

2. BUSINESS MASTERY FINANCIALS                                             Page: 2                    

3. BUSINESS MASTERY GOALS                                                        Page: 1           

4. BUSINESS MASTERY LEADERSHIP                                             Page: 1                  

5. BUSINESS MASTERY MANAGEMENT                                        Page: 2             

6. BUSINESS MASTERY MARKETERS                                              Page: 2                  

7. BUSINESS MASTERY PRICES                                                        Page: 2                   

8. BUSINESS MASTERY RESEARCH                                                  Page: 1                         

9. BUSINESS MASTERY STRATEGIC THINKING                             Page: 2                         

10. BUSINESS MASTERY LEADERSHIP TWO                                   Page: 3 

11. BUSINESS MASTERY I, YOU, WE                                                 Page: 3 

12. BUSINESS MASTERY BUSINESS IDEAS                                       Page: 3

13. BUSINESS MASTERY  SUCCESS                                                    Page: 3

14. BUSINESS MASTERY MISSION                                                     Page: 3

15. BUSINESS MASTERY INITIAL GOALS                                         Page:  3

16. BUSINESS MASTERY ATTITUDE                                                   Page: 4

17. BUSINESS MASTERY BUSINESS MODEL                                   Page: 4                      

18. BUSINESS MASTERY BUSINESS PLANS                                       Page: 4

19. BUSINESS MASTERY MARKET ADVANTAGES                            Page: 4

20. BUSINESS MASTERY SUCCESS, VISION, FOCUS                        Page: 4


22. BUSINESS MASTERY STRATEGIC THINKING                              Page: 5

23. BUSINESS MASTERY BUSINESS PROCESS                                   Page: 5



26. BUSINESS MASTERY TARGET MARKETING                                 Page: 5

27. BUSINESS MASTERY BUSINESS EXPANSION                             Page: 5     

28. BUSINESS MASTERY  STRATEGIC ALLIANCES                             Page: 6 

29. BUSINESS MASTERY STRATEGIC FINANCIALS                            Page: 6   

30. BUSINESS MASTERY FINANCIAL FREEDOM                                Page: 6


Accountability: Develop and encourage “results” & “teams” Page: 22

Accounting: The “tool of exchange”; never about the money Page: 25

Action: Stating clearly what you want them to do “next” Page: 19

Advantages: Developing what makes you special & cool Page: 9

Advertising: Communicating your compelling message Page: 17 

Answers: The information to “respond” to the clients’ “IPN” Page: 12

Appearance: What you need to “look like” Page: 15

Attitude: Entrepreneurial “point of view” for Business Success Page: 8

Attraction: Your “presentation” to draw your listener closer Page: 17

Benefits: It is the “hole” not the drill Page: 10

Benefits: People buy “perceived benefits” Page: 18

Branding: The communication of meaningful expressions Page: 16

Break-Even Analysis Levels of measuring business success Page: 24

Broadcasting: Message to “all” to hear, see and feel Page: 21

Business Budgets: Setting goals on what you will spend Page: 24

Business Cash Flow: Applying financial metrics to secure cash Page: 24

Business Financials: Critical numbers of your business Page: 24

Business Footprint: The “eco-cost” of your business Page: 23

Business Metrics: Business performance indicators Page: 24

Call: A timely question to your listener Page: 19

Client Acquisition: Attract, sell to & keep customers/clients Page: 19

Communication: Understanding communication theory Page: 17

Community: We all live in a tribe...their health is our health Page: 22

Competition: Who else is playing the same game - the same field Page: 13

Costs: What is the “rate of exchange” to reach your goal? Page: 11

Credibility: Being perceived as doing what you say you will do Page: 10

Cultural Graphics: Each “culture” requires a different approach Page: 9

Customer Satisfaction: Be nice, be professional, satisfy them Page: 23

Customers & Clients: Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM Page: 20

Delivery: Customers want both the “benefits” & “experience” Page: 23

Demographics: Objective criteria of your prospective customers Page: 9

Disadvantages: How do you “measure up” to the competition? Page: 9

Distribution: The “where” and “how” to locate your product Page: 14

Do: What do you want your listener to “do” after they “think” Page: 19

Efficiency: How many “events” will you need day/week/month? Page: 15

Employees: Your best “assets”, or your worst “liabilities” Page: 22

Expansion: Developing more success & business other locations Page: 17

Expenses: Understanding the fixed & variable expenses of business Page: 25

Family: Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated Page: 23

Financial Freedom: How Financial security will allow you to do what Page: 26

Financing: Creating the financial resources your need to succeed Page: 25

Focus: The sequences of “intent” Page: 7

Frequency: How often will you have to create “events”? Page: 14 

GADECK: Greetings, Approach, Discovery, Editing, Closing, Contract Page: 20

Goals: Determining the Business Goals for the next three to five years Page: 11 

Human Resources: Strategically work with the humans Page: 22

I You We: The Three Perspectives of Operating a Business Page: 6

Ideas: Keeping your mind fresh and your eyes on the horizon. Page: 6

Identity: The recognition the characteristics of the leaders Page: 15

Image: Developing & managing the indicia business perceived Page: 16

Implementation: Time to put your feet in the stirrups and ride Page: 16

Independent Contractors: Developing outside resources Page: 22

Initial Goals: The first set of goals for your business S.M.A.R.T. Page: 7

Integrity: Being recognized for a shared set of values Page: 10

Internet Strategies: Ballet while rafting on a category 5 river Page: 21

Issues: Known business concerns that do not cause “pain” Page: 12

Language: Determining the “ears” of your listener Page: 19

Lead Conversion: Art and science exchanging of money – products Page: 20

Lead Generation: The art & science of potential clients Page: 20

Leadership: Attract & organize others to achieve a specific result Page: 6

Legal: It is important to understand legal options/requirements Page: 16

Leveraging: Understanding how to work geometrically Page: 25

Love: Through truth, freedom, grace, & love that we find peace Page: 24

Management: Don’t criticize, condemn or complain Page: 22

Margins: The difference between your “costs” and the “sale price” Page: 13

Marketing: Communicating your “message” effectively Page: 17

Markets: Determining the size & benefit of the playing field Page: 8

Meetings: Getting a check, another meeting, or curiosity or pain Page: 17

Metrics: Applying your “numbers” to comparative analysis Page: 14

Mission: What customers/clients perceive/want from your business Page: 7

Model: Determining the economic viability of your business Page: 8

Money: Know where the money comes from & where it is going Page: 16

Needs: Known business concerns that cause unacceptable “pain” Page: 12

Nexus: Understanding “hubs” and “inter-connectedness” Page: 16

Opportunity: A compelling message to a Targeted Audience Page: 15

Paradox of a Sale: A successful sale is based upon “disagreement”. Page: 20

People: Choosing the right people to increase selling price Page: 13

Percentages: Understanding & Applying the “percentages” Page: 14

Placement: The strategies & tactics of how you will be “seen” Page: 13

Plans: Understanding the Structure of a Business Plan Page: 8

Position: Applying Demo-Psycho-Temporal-Cultural graphics Page: 14

Prices: The “price points” in which you will operate in the market Page: 13

Problems: Known business concerns that cause acceptable “pain” Page: 12

Process: Understanding the effects of “how” affects your prices Page: 14

Products: People do not buy “products” Page: 12

Products: Those tangible items you sell to solve the clients’ “IPN” Page: 18

Proposition: Creating a positive and special “attraction/offer” Page: 18

Psychographics: Psychological indicators of your customers Page: 9

Ratios: Dynamic relationships of business “key” indicator Page: 25

Referral Systems: Reciprocal, sustaining & profitable referrals Page: 21

Research: Critical information that you need to know to succeed Page: 8

Rule of Three: The Triangulation of energies to achieve Success Page: 7 

Sales Development: Systems, Strategies & Tactics for sales Page: 23

Sales Forecasting: Predict future sales and expenses Page: 23

Say: Choosing carefully what you say…intention Page: 18

Schedules: The specific dates and times to apply the tactics Page: 11

Services: People do not buy “services” Page: 12

Services: Those services you offer to solve the clients’ “IPN” Page: 18

Skills: Characteristics, Attributes & Talents of ownership Page: 8

Social Networks: People who have visibility & credibility Page: 21

Solutions: The systems & strategies to eliminate the clients’ “IPN” Page: 13

Strategic Alliances: The reciprocity of specific referral network Page: 21

Strategic Financials: Get more from each dollar Page: 25

Strategic Thinking: Seeing, understanding & responding  Page: 15

Strategies: Conceptual approaches to achieve a desired result Page: 11

Success: The benefits and results of a successful life Page: 7

Succession: Transferring Ownership to Family Page: 25

Systems: Internal & External Communications Page: 11

Tactics: The specific actions to implement strategies Page: 11

Target Marketing: Compelling message to a target Page: 20

Temporal Graphics: The “timing” of when your customers buy Page: 9

Think: What do you want your listener to “think” Page: 18

Time: “Be here now” to empower yourself and master “time” Page: 15

To: The question is specifically designed for your listener Page: 19

Transition: Transferring the business to a new owner Page: 26

Trust: Customers will only buy from you if they trust you Page: 10

Uniqueness: The “one of a kind” or “few of a kind” Page: 10

Visibility: To play successfully, you must first be seen Page: 10

Vision: What does the business look like when you call it successful? Page: 7 

Web Presence: Maximizing what your interest “presence” Page: 21


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