Business Blueprint For Success

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118. Transition: Transferring the business to a new owner - PDF ONLY

Business “Transition” by definition is when a business owner transfers part of his/her ownership benefits and/or their management responsibilities. Often times, many business owners do not think about this “end game” in their business when they ...


119. Succession: Transferring to Family; The road to peace for many generations - PDF ONLY

“Succession” with your business is different from “Transition” in your business in that succession implies that the business is being “handed down” to the next generation of your family and not to others outside of your family. Because this ...


120. Financial Freedom: How Financial security will allow you to do what - PDF ONLY

“Financial Freedom” is where you do not have any concerns or worries about money in your life. This “freedom” can occur regardless of the actual amount involved. Financial freedom is the state of having sufficient income and assets to live the ...