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MASTERY LEADERSHIP                                                              PAGE: 1

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can you help Ruby ChristmasIn Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book


1. Leadership: The ability to attract & organize others to achieve a specific result

Integrity, Credibility, Commitment Page: 1 

2. I You We: The Three Perspectives of Operating a Business

Responsibility, Delegation, Teamwork Page: 1

3. Ideas: Keeping your mind fresh and your eyes on the horizon.

Recognition, Creativity, Practicality Page: 2

4. Rule of Three: The Triangulation of energies and focus to achieve Success

Triangulation, Options, Default Positions Page: 2

5. Success: The benefits and results of a successful life

Joy, Peace & Harmony Page: 2

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can you Help “Joe Slick”? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book 


6. Vision: What does the business look like when you call it successful?

Operations, Detail, Embrace        Page: 2

7. Focus: The sequences of “intent” Page: 2

Importance, Relevance, Impact

8. Mission: What customers/clients perceive and want from your business

Customers, Benefits, Allegiance Page: 2

9. Initial Goals: The first set of goals for your business S.M.A.R.T.

Importance, Achievement, Results Page: 3

10. Attitude: The Entrepreneurial “point of view” that creates Business Success

Now, Service, Grace Page: 3

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can You help Mr. BP Oil Slick? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book 


11. Skills: Characteristics, Attributes & Talents of business ownership/leadership

Competence, Excellence, Results Page: 3

12. Model: Determining the economic viability of your business

Customer, Exchange, Pro Forma Page: 3

“Sample Business Models” In Mastery book 

13. Plans: Understanding the Structure of a Business Plan

Goals, Strategies, Tactics Page: 3

MASTERY RESEARCH                                                                 PAGE: 3

14. Research: The critical information that you need to know in order to succeed

Facts, Data, Metrics Page: 4

15. Markets: Determining the size & benefit of the playing field

Who, What, Where Page: 4

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can You help Cher Beauty? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book


16. Advantages: Developing what makes you special & cool

Unique, Service, Benefits Page: 4

17. Disadvantages: How do you “measure up” to the competition?

Competition, Size, Strength Page: 4

18. Demographics: Objective criteria of your customers or prospective customers

Industry, Age, Financial Page: 4

19. Psychographics: Psychological indicators of your customers

Motivators, Fears, Benefits Page: 4

20. Cultural Graphics: Each “culture” requires a different approach and language

Tribe, Identity, Esteem Page: 5

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can you help Barak Business? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book 


21. Temporal Graphics: The “timing” of when your customers buy from you

Season, Sequence, Perception Page: 5

22. Trust: Customers will only buy from you if they trust you.

Time, Qualifications, Tribe             Page: 5

23. Uniqueness: The “one of a kind” or “few of a kind”

Distinct, Valuable, Appreciated Page: 5

24. Benefits: It is the “hole” not the drill

Resolution, Achievement, Result Page: 5

25. Visibility: To play successfully, you must first be seen

Presence, Energy, Graphics Page: 5

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can You help Manny Football? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book


26. Integrity: Being recognized for a shared set of values

Upside, Inside, Between Page: 6

27. Credibility: Being perceived as doing what you say you will do

Reliability, predictability, Trust Page: 6


MASTERY GOALS                                                                       PAGE: 6

28. Goals: Determining the Business Goals for the next three to five years

Revenue, Operations, Team Page: 6

29. Systems: Internal & External Communications

Clarity, Function, Enrichment Page: 6

30. Strategies: Conceptual approaches to achieve a desired result

Dynamic, Thoughtful, Applicable Page: 6

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can you help “IBL”? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book


31. Tactics: The specific actions to implement strategies

Objectives, Specific, Practical Page: 7

32. Schedules: The specific dates and times to apply the tactics

Week, Day, Hour Page: 7

33. Costs: What is the “rate of exchange” to reach your goal?

Time, Talent, Treasure Page: 7

“GSSTSC Review Time” In Mastery book 

34. Issues: Known business concerns that do not cause “pain”

Awareness, Complacency, Acceptance Page: 7

35. Problems: Known business concerns that cause acceptable “pain”

Discomfort, Fear, Attitude Page: 7

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can You help Monica? In Mastery book 

  Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book


36. Needs: Known business concerns that cause unacceptable “pain”

Crisis, Pain, Action Page: 7

37. Products: Those tangible items you sell to solve the clients’ “IPN”

Customers, Perceptions, Benefits Page: 8

38. Answers: The information that you know will “respond” to the clients’ “IPN”

Knowledge, Communication, Impact Page: 8

39. Services: Those services you offer to solve the clients’ “IPN”

Clients, Relationship, Improvement Page: 8

40. Solutions: The systems & strategies you offer to eliminate the clients’ “IPN”

Resolution, Benefits, Perception Page: 8

How “Business Smart” Are You: Can You help Pitt & Brad? In Mastery book 

Stretch Your Business Mind” Questions: In Mastery book 


MASTERY PRICES                                                             Page: 8

  How “Business Smart” are you: Can you Help “Big Boy” In Mastery book 

 Stretch Your Business Mind” In Mastery book 


41. Prices: The “price points” in which you will operate in the market Page: 8

Exchange, Perception, Benefits

42. Margins: The difference between your “costs” and the “sale price” Page: 9

Market, Economy, Perception

43. Placement: The strategies & tactics of how you will be “seen” Page: 9

In-view, Value, Convenience

44. Competition: Who else is playing the same game - the same field Page: 9

Comparison, Differentiation, Advantages


45. People: Choosing the right people to increase selling price Page: 9

Team, Integrity, Credibility

How “Business Smart” are you: Can Your Help “Bunny Boo” In Mastery book 

 Stretch Your Business Mind” In Mastery book


46. Position: Applying Demo-Psycho-Temporal-Cultural graphics Page: 9

Perception, Acceptance, Appreciation

47. Percentages: Understanding & Applying the “percentages” Page: 9

Relationships, Comparisons, Ratios

48. Metrics: Applying your “numbers” to comparative analysis Page: 10

Analysis, Detail, Focus

49. Process: Understanding the effects of “how” affects your prices Page: 10

Sequence, Dynamics, Strategy

50. Distribution: The “where” and “how” to locate your product Page: 10

Range, Distance, Costs

How “Business Smart” are you? Can You Help Sky Rocket In Mastery book 

 Stretch Your Business Mind In Mastery book

51. Frequency: How often will you have to create “events”? Page: 10

Quantity, Capacity, Requirements

52. Efficiency: How many “events” will you need day/week/month? Page: 10

Time, Cycles, Capability

53. Opportunity: A compelling message to a Targeted Audience Page: 10

Benefits, Perception, Arena

MASTERY STRATEGIC THINKING:                                             PAGE: 11

54. Strategic Thinking: Seeing, understanding & responding Page: 11

Nexus, Triangulate, Foresight

55 Time: “Be here now” to empower yourself and master “time” Page: 11

Now, Presence, Moment

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you Help Mr. Hammer In Mastery book 

 Stretch Your Business Mind In Mastery book


56. Appearance: What you need to “look like” Page: 11

Perception, Culture, Affinity

57. Identity: The recognition the characteristics of the leaders Page: 11

Personal, Integrity, Recognition

58. Image: Developing & managing the indicia business perceived Page: 11

Company, Social, Culture

59. Branding: The communication of meaningful expressions Page: 12

Product, Benefits, Perception

60. Money: Know where the money comes from & where it is going Page: 12

Tracking, Numbers, Math

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you Help Mr. Duck In Mastery book 

 “Multiple Choice Test” In Mastery book


61. Nexus: Understanding “hubs” and “interconnectedness” Page: 12

Center, Connections, Linking

62. Legal: It is important to understand legal options/requirements Page: 12

Compliance, Requirements, Responsibility

Bonus Time: Going Deeper into Legal Entities 

63. Implementation: Time to put your feet in the stirrups and ride Page: 12

Application, Courage, Work

64. Expansion: Developing more success & business other locations Page: 12

Influence, Duplication, Multiplication

65. Marketing: Communicating your “message” effectively. Page: 13

Language, Benefits, Perception

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you Help Mr. Pig In Mastery book 

 “Multiple Choice Test” In Mastery book 

66. Meetings: Getting a check, another meeting, or curiosity or pain Page: 13

Money, Meeting, Curiosity


MASTERY MARKETERS                                                              PAGE: 13


67. Advertising: Communicating your compelling message Page: 13

Engagement, Inform. Benefits

68. Attraction: Your “presentation” to draw your listener closer Page: 13

Cultural, Integrity, Affiliation

69. Communication: Understanding communication theory Page: 13

Transmit, Process, Received

70. Proposition: Creating a positive and special “attraction/offer” Page: 14

Call, To, Action

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you help Tom sell balls? In Mastery book 

 Short Essay Questions In Mastery book


71. Products: People do not buy “products” Page: 14

Tangible, Benefits, Paradox

72. Services: People do not buy “services” Page: 14

Relationship, Benefits. Paradox

73. Benefits: People buy “perceived benefits” Page: 14

Exchange, Solutions, Answers

74. Say: Choosing carefully what you say…intention Page: 14

Words, Thoughts, Communications

75. Think: What do you want your listener to “think” Page: 14

Curiosity, Reaction, Belief

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you help Mr. Grease? In Mastery book 

 Stretch Your Business Mind In Mastery book

76. Do: What do you want your listener to “do” after they “think” Page: 15

Motivation, Agreement, Action

77. Language: Determining the “ears” of your listener Page: 15

Psychographics, Communication, Comprehension

78. Call: A timely question to your listener Page: 15

Curiosity, Request, Disagreement

79. To: The question is specifically designed for your listener Page: 15

Psychographics, Identification, Graphics

80. Action: Stating clearly what you want them to do “next” Page: 15

Response, Acceptance, Exchange

How “Business Smart” are you? Can you help Superman? In Mastery book 

 Short Essay Questions In Mastery book

MASTERY CLIENT ACQUISITION:                                               PAGE: 15

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help “Tommy Boy”? In Mastery book   

Multiple Choice Test In Mastery book


81. Client Acquisition: How to attract, sell to and keep customers/clients for life

Identify, Communicate, Attract Page: 16

82. Customers & Clients: Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM

Serve, Benefits, Exchange Page: 16

83. Lead Generation: The art & science of identifying/contacting potential clients

Data, Identify, Communicate Page: 16

84. Lead Conversion: The art and science exchanging of money – products

Agreement, Exchange, Benefits Page: 16

85. Paradox of a Sale: A successful sale is based upon “disagreement”.

Perception, Value, Exchange Page: 16

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Goldilocks”? In Mastery book

Multiple Choice Test In Mastery book


86. GADECK: Greetings, Approach, Discovery, Editing, Closing, Contract

Join, Reveal, Solve Page: 16

87. Target Marketing: Communicating your compelling message to a target

Culture, Communication, Delivery Page: 17

88. Referral Systems: Create a reciprocal, sustaining & profitable referral network

Integrity, Credibility, Revenue Page: 17

89. Strategic Alliances: The reciprocity of specific WIIFM referral network

Respect, Reciprocity, Referrals Page: 17

90. Broadcasting: Sending out the message to “all” to hear, see and feel

General, Communication, Engage Page: 17

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Snow White”? In Mastery book

Multiple Choice Test In Mastery book


91. Web Presence: Maximizing what your interest “presence” will create for you

Internet, Social, Visible Page: 17

92. Internet Strategies: Understanding ballet while rafting on a category 5 river

Optimization, E-Commerce, Strategy Page: 17

93. Social Networks: People will buy from those who have visibility & credibility

Online, Reputation, Community Page: 18

MASTERY MANAGEMENT                                                           PAGE: 18

94. Management: Don’t criticize, condemn or complain support, love, encourage

Encourage, Delegate, Organize Page: 18

95. Human Resources: How to strategically work with the humans around you

Skills, Personality, Tribe Page: 18

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Captain Kirk”? In Mastery book

Multiple Choice Test In Mastery book


96. Accountability: How to develop and encourage “results” and “teams”

Agreement, Assessment, Review Page: 18

97. Employees: Your best “assets”, or your worst “liabilities”, tread carefully

Team, Support, Agreement Page: 18

98. Independent Contractors: Developing outside resources for growth, success

Goals, Qualification, Services Page: 19

99. Community: We all live in a tribe...their health is our health

Responsibility, Affiliation, Social Page: 19

100. Family: Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated

Commitment, Tribe, Love Page: 19

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Winnie the Poo”? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Mind In Mastery book


101. Delivery: Customers want both the “benefits” & “experience”

Expectation, Professional, Receipt Page: 19

102. Customer Satisfaction: Be nice, be professional, satisfy them or lose them

Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Appreciation Page: 19

103. Sales Forecasting: The ability to accurately predict future sales and expenses

Identity, Understanding, Interchange Page: 19 

104. Business Footprint: The “eco-cost” of your business…social responsibility

Environment, Resources, Sustainable Page: 20

105. Sales Development: Combining Systems, Strategies & Tactics for sales 

Presentation, Benefits, Delivery Page: 20

How “Business Smart” are you: Can you help “Little Bo Peep”? In Mastery book

Stretch Your Mind: “Quick Marketing Plan” In Mastery book


106. Love: It is only through truth, freedom, grace, & love that we find peace

Grace, Forgiveness, Blessing Page: 20

MASTERY FINANCIALS                                                               PAGE: 20

107. Business Financials: Understanding the critical numbers of your business

Income, Costs, Profits Page: 20

108. Business Metrics: Defining & graphing the business performance indicators

Departments, Margins, Percentages Page: 20

109. Business Cash Flow: Applying financial metrics to secure cash

Time, Receivables, Capital Page: 21

110. Break-Even AnalysisThree different levels of measuring business success 

Break-Even One, Two, Three Page: 21

How “Business Smart” are you: Can you Help “Jack & Giant”? In Mastery book

“Stretch Your Business Mind” In Mastery book


111. Business Budgets: Setting goals on what you will spend on business 

Forecasts, Receivables, Payables Page: 21

112. Expenses: Understanding the fixed & variable expenses of business

Fixed, Variable, Contingent Page: 21

113. Accounting: The most often used “tool of exchange”; never about the money

Abundance, Giving, Gratitude Page: 21

114. Ratios: Understanding the dynamic relationships of business “key” indicator

Systems, Relationships, Analysis Page: 21

115. Strategic Financials: Understanding how to get more from each dollar

Leveraging, Investing, ROI Page: 22

How “Business Smart” are you: Can You Help “Sand Sour”? In Mastery book

“Stretch Your Business Mind” In Mastery book

116. Financing: Creating the financial resources your need to succeed

Resourcing, Investing, Borrowing Page: 22

117. Leveraging: Understanding how to work geometrically with your resources

Strategy, Triangulation, Systems Page: 22

118. Transition: Transferring the business to a new owner 

Selling, Partnering, Shares Page: 22

119. Succession: Transferring to Family; The road to peace for many generations

Training, Management, Transfer Page: 22

120. Financial Freedom: How Financial security will allow you to do what

Peace, Happiness, Joy Page: 22

How “Business Smart” are you: The Prodigal Son In Mastery book

“Stretch Your Business Mind” In Mastery book


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