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64. Expansion: Developing more success & business other locations - PDF ONLY

As you might imagine, “Expansion” for a business can mean several things. Expansion … can mean increasing your product lines and/or your services… can mean increasing your real estate footprint with a larger facility or store… can mean increasing ...


65. Marketing: Communicating your “message” effectively - PDF ONLY

Simply stated, “Marketing” is Negotiation. Marketing is everything you say, think and do to increase the visibility and credibility to place your products or services into the hands of potential customers… at the same time, allowing them to ...


66. Meetings: Getting a check, another meeting, or curiosity or pain - PDF ONLY

We have all been blessed with attending “Business Meetings”… sometimes at our request, sometimes at the request of another. In this chapter, we will be focusing on the business meetings that you request with your clients and/or client prospects...


67. Advertising: Communicating your compelling message - PDF ONLY

Advertising is communicating your compelling message to a broad market…and is distinctly different from target marketing. The simple definition of “Advertising” is the act or practice of calling public attention to one's products and/or services ...


68. Attraction: Your “presentation” to draw your listener closer - PDF ONLY

As we read in the “Advertising” chapter of this work book, your advertising message must in some manner, serve as an “Attraction” to your intended audience. “Attraction” on a broad scale is based upon identified Demo-Graphics and Cultural-Graphics…


69. Communication: Understanding communication theory - PDF ONLY

Communication & Learning Theory are twin brothers. Communication is defined as the production/reception of spoken, written, signed, or gestured information among human beings. Communication requires the use of symbols known as language in visual ...