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40. Solutions: The systems & strategies you offer to eliminate the clients’ “IPN” - PDF ONLY

The “Three Paradigms” of Solutions are “Resolution, Benefits & Perception”. As you may recall, your customers never buy your products or services… your customers only buy perceived “benefits/solutions” from you on either an “issue, problem, need” ...


41. Prices: The “price points” in which you will operate in the market - PDF ONLY

As a business consultant, I am often asked by my clients… “What should I set my price at for my product and services” or “How much should I charge for what I sell”. The short answer is “whatever the target market is willing to pay”. With that ...


42. Margins: The difference between your “costs” and the “sale price” - PDF ONLY

PRICE/MARGINS: Generally speaking the initial “margin” is reflected in the difference between the cost of a product and the selling price… and is often posted as the “gross profit” on a profit & loss statement. We have heard of “product, price & ...


43. Placement: The strategies & tactics of how you will be “seen” - PDF ONLY

Whether you are trying to talk a dog off of a meat truck or sell snow at the North Pole… you know that the “placement” of the target customer and the “placement” of where you locate your business is critical to your business success. As you know...


44. Competition: Who else is playing the same game - the same field - PDF ONLY

As you know, before you engage in any business, you must first define the size of the target market, the existing competitive companies, their products & services and how you will either “attack” the competition and/or “capture” your requisite ...


45. People: Choosing the right people to increase selling price - PDF ONLY

Yes, indeed, the Right People will greatly affect how you set your selling prices…with the right salespeople, you can charge more for some of your products and most of your services. Your “People” will affect the “perception” of your products and ...