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82. Customers & Clients: Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM - PDF ONLY

As a general rule, “Customers” buy products and “Clients” purchase services. Customers can buy many products without having a meaningful relationship with the owner or sales person. On the other hand, most Clients who purchase services require ...


83. Lead Generation: The art & science of identifying/contacting potential clients - PDF ONLY

I sometimes hear “soon to be” clients say “If I only had more people to talk to, I would be more successful”. Even with a very low “sales conversion rate”, the more people you speak to, the more sales you will create … so many business owners ...


84. Lead Conversion: The art and science exchanging of money, products - PDF ONLY

In many ways, “Lead Conversion” is the life blood of most businesses. Without the new customers and clients that result from successful “Lead Conversion” strategies, most businesses would not be in business for very long. For one reason or the ...


85. Paradox of a Sale: A successful sale is based upon “disagreement” - PDF ONLY

The “Paradox of a Sale” is that a successful sale is based upon “disagreement” not “agreement”. The “disagreement” occurs when the seller and the buyer of a product or service have “disagreement” about the product or service being sold …


86. GADECK: Greetings, Approach, Discovery, Editing, Closing, Contract - PDF ONLY

“GADECK” is an acronym representing Greetings, Approach, Discovery, Edit, Close & Kontract… which are the six phases of the BBS Sales Process Protocols. Yes, I know that “contract” does not start with a “K”, but I want to emphasize that the sales...


87. Target Marketing: Communicating your compelling message to a target - PDF ONLY

The simple definition of a “Target Market” is a defined group of customers that a business has decided to focus marketing efforts on in order to sell products and services. A well-defined target market embraces the four “Market Graphics” ...