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34. Issues: Known business concerns that do not cause “pain” - PDF ONLY

In business, whether you sell products and/or services, the purpose of the “quid pro quo” … the “exchange” of your customer’s money for the benefits from your products & services, you are focused on addressing your customer’s issues, problems and ...


35. Problems: Known business concerns that cause acceptable “pain” PDF ONLY

As we discussed in the previous segment on “customer issues”… Issues, Problems & Needs are the “order of importance” to our business clients/customers. Let’s remind ourselves of where we are in the customer/client IPN [i.e. Issues, Problems, ...


36. Needs: Known business concerns that cause unacceptable “pain” - PDF ONLY

We are now at the third stage in looking a customer’s perceptions that provide you with the opportunity to create solutions that generate sales for your business. Remember that issues, problems & needs are the “order of importance” to your client ...


37. Products: Those tangible items you sell to solve the clients’ “IPN” - PDF ONLY

Products are the main source of income for many businesses… and all products reach the “point of sale” in the same process. Any business that sells products must understand the process all the way from the original idea, through the manufacturing ...


38. Answers: The information that you know will “respond” to the clients’ “IPN” - PDF ONLY

Answers… simply stated, our customers want “answers”… whether you sell products or services, on many levels, you are answering a question or a curiosity as embraced by the customers within your target markets. As we have seen, people have issues, ...


39. Services: Those services you offer to solve the clients’ “IPN” - PDF ONLY

All businesses sell services… some sell primarily services… some sell products that are delivered by services. Most businesses are “judged” by the quality of their service, even when ninety-nine percent of what they sell are products...