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46. Position: Applying Demo-Psycho-Temporal-Cultural graphics - PDF ONLY

“Position” of your Products and/or Services is different from “placement” in that “position” refers to what Demo-graphic, Psycho-graphic, Cultural-graphic and Temporal-graphic “DPCT Strata” you are positioning your products and services. A good ...


47. Percentages: Understanding & Applying the “percentages” - PDF ONLY

“Percentages” are one of the main protocols for measuring how your business is doing. Percentages measure such factors as closing rates, presence in the marketplace, costs of goods sold, administrative costs and the all-important “net profit” ...


48. Metrics: Applying your “numbers” to comparative analysis - PDF ONLY

As we read in the previous chapter that “Percentages” are measured against the company goals. “Metrics” are distinguished from percentages in that “Metrics” are the measurements as compared with industry standards and/or the break-even analysis ...


49. Process: Understanding the effects of “how” affects your prices - PDF ONLY

A business “Process” can express itself as both a collection of linked tasks which support the success in the delivery your products and services to an identified customer or client… and as a connected set of activities, responsibilities and task...


50. Distribution: The “where” and “how” to locate your product - PDF ONLY

If you are unable to distribute your products and services where and how your customers can find them, you will not enjoy the level of business success you want. As you may know, the “end point” of distribution has changed dramatically over the ...


51. Frequency: How often will you have to create “events” - PDF ONLY

“Frequency” is the occurrence of an event in a specified amount of time. How frequently do you need a “sale/transaction” to occur? Knowing your client's lifetime value is one of the ‘keys’ to the “Frequency” of continued sales. “Frequency” of a ...