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16. Advantages: Developing what makes you special & cool - PDF & VIDEO

For any business to be successful, a business must understand and develop any advantages that they may have. Such business advantages can include unique products or services, more responsive customer services, intellectual property as embraced ...


17. Disadvantages: How do you “measure up” to the competition - PDF & VIDEO

In the inverse of “advantages” and equally important for a business to be successful, it must understand its own disadvantages as compared with its competitors. As most of us will occasionally admit, we are not perfect as business developers and ...


18. Demographics: Objective criteria of your customers or prospective customers - PDF & VIDEO

When it comes to finding your ideal client, there is a basic principle that you must remember… your prospects buy what you sell because they have specific issues, problems or needs … that they want you to solve with your products and/or ...


19. Psychographics: Psychological indicators of your customers - PDF & VIDEO

The second “market graphic” is called psychographics. These are the factors that identify the motivation or reasons why someone wants to buy your product or service. Psychographics define those clients who want what you sell. Psychographic data ...


20. Cultural Graphics: Each “culture” requires a different approach and language - PDF & VIDEO

In today's complex society, there are many "Cultures" … only some of which are defined by outward visible indicators...and even then, such old stereotypes are not accurate. As you may know, each culture and each sub-culture has their own set of ...


21. Temporal Graphics: The “timing” of when your customers buy from you - PDF & VIDEO

The fourth “graphic” is called Temporal Graphics. “Time based marketing” not only researches and gives guidelines on when to position a product in the market… but also provides the time frames in a consumer’s life that are relevant to the sale...