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52. Efficiency: How many “events” will you need day/week/month - PDF ONLY

“Efficiency” is the Brother of “Frequency”. As hinted in the section about “Frequency”, it is both how often you achieve a successful sale and how much time it takes you to generate the successful sale. Sometimes, this “Efficiency” & “Frequency” ...


53. Opportunity: A compelling message to a Targeted Audience - PDF ONLY

“Opportunity” requires a “Target Market” and a “Compelling Message”. In addition to the market and message, a successful business must have products and/or services. A compelling message delivered to the wrong Target Market is like selling ice to ...


54. Strategic Thinking: Seeing, understanding & responding - PDF ONLY

Strategic Thinking is the Foundation of Business Success. As we read in the last chapter, your willingness and ability to see “opportunities” in the world around you is just the first step in developing more business success. The basic definition ...


55 Time: “Be here now” to empower yourself and master “time - PDF ONLY

“Time” is a most curious concept indeed. How we are aware of the concept called the “past”… how we are aware of the “present moment”… and how we can anticipate what is called the “future” is difficult to understand. Where is it in our neurological...


56. Appearance: What you need to “look like” - PDF ONLY

Like the concept that “Perception is Reality”, in the same way “Appearance is Everything”. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”… your attention to how you, your business and your product appear is ...


57. Identity: The recognition the characteristics of the leaders - PDF & VIDEO

The “Identity” of your Business is You. As we saw in the previous chapter, one part of the “Appearance” of your business is the identifiable leader. In this “Identity” section regarding the leader in a business, we are not talking about the ...