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58. Image: Developing & managing the indicia business perceived - PDF & VIDEO

Whereas “Identity” refers to the owner or face of the business, the “Image” of a business refers to the company itself. For example, Steve Jobs was the “Identity” of the company… and “Apple” was the “Image” of the business. As you might image, ...


59. Branding: The communication of meaningful expressions - PDF & VIDEO

As “Identity” refers to the people within the company leadership… and as “Image” refers to how the business itself is viewed by your target market… “Branding” refers to the specific products and services you sell. For example, people will have ...


60. Money: Know where the money comes from & where it is going - PDF ONLY

Ah, yes, Money… knowing where it is coming from and where it is going… is often the challenge in most businesses. Thinking about “Business Money” all the way from new customer generation to customer sales conversion… to understanding fixed ...


61. Nexus: Understanding “hubs” and “inter-connectedness” - PDF ONLY

Let’s move forward with connecting more of the success factors in business… and understanding how working with “Nexus” concepts will increase your Strategic Thinking and increase your business success. The most basic definition of “Nexus” is the ...


62. Legal: It is important to understand legal options/requirements - PDF ONLY

The impact of the Legal environment for businesses covers everything from the paper you print upon… to the structure of the desk & chair upon which you sit… to business technology we use… to the commercial lease you signed, to the confidentiality ...


63. Implementation: Time to put your feet in the stirrups and ride - PDF ONLY

When we speak of Business Strategy & Tactic “Implementation”, the stirrup is a good point of reference. A stirrup is such a small thing — a bit of metal and leather weighing in around 600 grams — but some educated people believe it changed the ...