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94. Management: Don’t criticize, condemn or complain only support, love, encourage - PDF ONLY

The “Management” of a business, whether managing people, money, production or plans can be very challenging for many business owners. This “Management” is especially difficult for a small business where one or two people are trying to “sail the ...


95. Human Resources: How to strategically work with the humans around you - PDF ONLY

“Human Resources” whether that is the owners, managers or employees are some of the best stories I have heard from businesses … and some of the worst stories. Although most businesses can achieve some level of predictability with equipment and ...


96. Accountability: How to develop and encourage “results” and “teams” - PDF ONLY

Business “Accountability”, at its most basic definition, means standing by and being responsible for your decisions, actions, and outcome/results of a project or venture. In the management arena, such “Accountability” is a process and/or protocol ...


97. Employees: Your best “assets”, or your worst “liabilities”, tread carefully - PDF ONLY

As a business attorney here in California, I once spoke at a webinar where the topic was “It is illegal to be an employer in California”, which was a clear indication of how difficult it is for employers in California with the plethora of laws, ...


98. Independent Contractors: Developing outside resources for growth, success - PDF ONLY

An “Independent Contractor” is a person, business, or legal entity that provides goods or services to another person or business under terms in an oral or written contract. Very often, independent contractors are self-employed persons ...


99. Community: We all live in a tribe...their health is our health - PDF ONLY

At the core of any successful business is the understanding that we all live in a tribe. A community or tribe, by definition has both common psycho-graphics and agreed upon cultural-graphics. The individual financial health of any one individual ...