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10. Attitude: The Entrepreneurial “point of view” that creates Business Success - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

Over the years… in dealing with thousands of business owners, both successful ones and unsuccessful ones, it is clear that the right business attitude has at least three requirements. The three business attitudes that lead to business success are ...


11. SKILLS: Characteristics, Attributes & Talents of business ownership/leadership - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

At a minimum, basic business skills for the success of your business include [1] a product or service that delivers benefits to the customer in a way that they can appreciate; [2] your ability to communicate the benefits of the product and ...


12. MODEL: Determining the economic viability of your business - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

There are three main components to the “Business Blueprint For Success” business model. The first section is the FEO statements… the second section is the Pro Forma for a specific time period in the future… and the third section contains the ...


13. PLANS: Understanding the Structure of a Business Plan - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

Every new venture needs a business plan to guide the business owners through the issues and problems with acquiring and deploying business assets, financial support, and team members required to achieve their goals, systems, strategies and ...


14. Research: The critical information that you need to know in order to succeed - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

To run a successful business, you need to research and acquire information on your existing and potential customers, your competitors and the economic conditions of your marketplace and target market. Market research [demographics, psychographics ...


15. Markets: Determining the size & benefit of the playing field - PDF & VIDEO CLASS

“Markets” are actually “Target Markets”… and as the name implies… it is a target. As a target, you need to know, at a minimum, what it looks like… the size of the target… and the distance from you. Like most moving targets, your business and ...