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76. Do: What do you want your listener to “do” after they “think” - PDF ONLY

It is the “Do” that you want from your prospective customer… in that you want them to “Do” a purchase of your products and services. You “Do” want your employees to be committed to your business and do a great job. You “Do” want your business to ...


77. Language: Determining the “ears” of your listener - PDF ONLY

What is “Language”? Simply stated, Language is a method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. To expand on this simple definition, we could say that Language is the ...


78. Call: A timely question to your listener - PDF ONLY

As we hinted at in several sections in the previous chapters, the “Call” in the “call-to-action” is critical to any level of business success. Here we will explore the various elements of the “Business Call”. The intentional business call is ...


79. To: The question is specifically designed for your listener - PDF ONLY

As briefly discussed in the previous chapter, a “Business Call” is only effective if it is directed “To” the right audience. Selling sand to the people living in the Sahara Desert is possible …albeit difficult. Your target market must be ...


80. Action: Stating clearly what you want them to do “next” - PDF ONLY

Finally, we are here at “Action”… where the customer gives you the money you are wanting for your products and services… let us rejoice. The whole point of being in business is here in the “Action” that your customer takes in giving you money and...


81. Client Acquisition: How to attract, sell to and keep customers/clients for life - PDF ONLY

Yes, about 70% of my new clients’ state that what they want to focus on is “Client Acquisition”…everybody wants new clients and customers. I know that many “client acquisition” services and companies believe that client acquisition is simply a ...