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70. Proposition: Creating a positive and special “attraction/offer” - PDF ONLY

Here in the word “Proposition”, we are discussing the commercial concept of the “Marketing Proposition”. In short, a marketing proposition is [1] a communication [2] directed at a defined demo-graphic, psycho-graphic, cultural-graphic and ...


71. Products: People do not buy “products” - PDF ONLY

So… did you say the title above was a “typo”… since you believe that people buy products all the time? It is not a “typo”… to restate… People do NOT buy your products. My father gave me two points of wisdom … the second of which will be discussed ...


72. Services: People do not buy “services” - PDF ONLY

The provision of business services has steadily increased over the last sixty years… from a business world dominant in “products for sale” to the contemporary world where “services” to consumers and to businesses is growing at an ever increasing ...


73. Benefits: People buy “perceived benefits” - PDF ONLY

For a variety of reasons, the concept that your customers and clients only buy “Perceived Benefits” and that they do NOT purchase your products and/or services, is difficult for business owners to understand and apply to their business. Many ...


74. Say: Choosing carefully what you say…intention - PDF ONLY

This chapter, “Say”, is the first of three chapters on “Say, Think, Do” that will focus your attention, as a business owner, on the power of what you “Say” to your customers. What we “Say” as business owners or what our business “Says”, whether in...


75. Think: What do you want your listener to “think” - PDF ONLY

As suggested in the previous chapter, any “Say” Communication is intended to create a response or a thought in the receiver’s mind and/or an emotional reaction in the person’s heart. Briefly, when you offer your marketing message to your target ...