Business Blueprint For Success

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112. Expenses: Understanding the fixed & variable expenses of business - PDF ONLY

Understanding all of your expenses is critical to the success in your business. Here “all” means all expenses, including, but not limited to, fixed, variable, contingent, latent and emergency preparedness expenses. The three primary expenses in ...


113. Accounting: The most often used “tool of exchange”; never about the money - PDF ONLY

We have discussed the financial side of “Accounting” in its components in prior chapters…and will even go into more depth on the “numbers” of accounting in subsequent chapters of this book. Here is where I would like to discuss another side to ...


114. Ratios: Understanding the dynamic relationships of business “key” indicator - PDF ONLY

Ratios are a result of one measurement divided by another. Ratios are a simple strategic and statistical based tool that reveals meaningful relationships amongst business financial data. Such ratios in data allow an interrelated and dynamic ...


115. Strategic Financials: Understanding how to get more from each dollar - PDF ONLY

Now that we have an idea of Expenses, Accounting and Ratios, let’s take the next step in understanding and applying “Strategic Financials”. As you may have noted with previous chapters, some of the information is “good for the mind” and some of ...


116. Financing: Creating the financial resources your need to succeed - PDF ONLY

Business “Financing” is most simply defined as is a money origination and utility concept that encompasses a wide range of activities and disciplines revolving around obtaining resources and money along with the use and management of money and ...


117. Leveraging: Understanding how to work geometrically with your resources - PDF ONLY

The definition of “Leveraging” that we are discussing here is the influence or power used to achieve a desired result by positioning yourself in the right relationship with a fulcrum of decision or advantage. Here, we are using the term “Leveraging”