Business Blueprint For Success

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100. Family: Golden Rule: Treat others the way you wish to be treated - PDF ONLY

As we were discussing in the previous chapter with the “inside” of a business community, let’s develop that concept a bit further in how you can create a “family” within your business. A “Business Family” has many ways of defining their roles ...


101. Delivery: Customers want both the “benefits” & “experience” - PDF ONLY

Every business must make good on its “Delivery” of their products and services. Delivery is a critical part of a business’s fulfillment process. If your business cannot “Deliver” on its products/services and the promises you make to your customers...


102. Customer Satisfaction: Be nice, be professional, satisfy them or lose them - PDF ONLY

“Customer Satisfaction” and customer excitement is one of the four foundation stones that support the success of your business. If your customers and clients are not satisfied with your products, services and delivery, you will not be in business ...


103. Sales Forecasting: The ability to accurately predict future sales and expenses - PDF ONLY

As you might imagine, the ability to accurately forecast sales and revenue is critical to the allocation and distribution of the company’s physical assets, inventory and human resources. If your estimate is too low, you will not be able to produce...


104. Business Footprint: The “eco-cost” of your business…social responsibility - PDF ONLY

Your “Business Footprint” is the impact that you, your business practices and your business operations place upon the environment around you and your business. Your “Business Footprint” takes into account such physical items as the fuel you use...


105. Sales Development: Combining Systems, Strategies & Tactics for sales - PDF ONLY

“Sales Development” is a hot topic in many businesses. Generating sales can develop through the business farming, mining, fishing or hunting for new clients. Each of these processes has in common the three paradigms noted below. Whether you are ...