Business Blueprint For Success

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106. Love: It is only through truth, freedom, grace, & love that we find peace - PDF ONLY

At first glance, you may wonder what has “Love” to do with Business Success development. You may even ask whether or not you really need to “Love” your business, love your co-workers and love your customers and clients… well, the short answer is ...


107. Business Financials: Understanding the critical numbers of your business - PDF ONLY

“Business Financials” are one of the main measurement tools for determining success in business. In fact, as business owners often first ask if our business is profitable long before we ask if our business in enjoyable. With this being said, for ...


108. Business Metrics: Defining & graphing the business performance indicators - PDF ONLY

“Business Metrics” is one of the analysis applications a successful business owner will apply to their “Business Financials”. If we were to look at Business Financials as a “static point in time” view, we can look at “Business Metrics” as the ...


109. Business Cash Flow: Applying financial metrics to secure cash - PDF ONLY

In many ways, “Business Cash Flow” is often more important than a business being profitable, Although a business may be profitable within a three, six or twelve month period, if that business does not have sufficient cash flow in any one or two ...


110. Break-Even Analysis: Three different levels of measuring business success - PDF ONLY

In the Business Model for any successful business, there must be accurate and multi-level “Break Even Analysis” for a business to both survive and then prosper. As important as “Cash Flow” is to the day-to-day operations of a business, so is the ...


111. Business Budgets: Setting goals on what you will spend on business - PDF ONLY

Any business that cannot control its budgets is doomed for failure. Not knowing your anticipated costs as budgeted within your Break Even analysis and/or anticipated Pro Forma is a recipe for disaster in business. The problem in not having a ...