"The content was great, especially the way the big chart summed it all up. I was able to look at that and figure out where my major weaknesses lay. I liked the way you presented the information, as it was easy to understand. You have it laid out in a learnable format and were connected to the whole group. Your heart was certainly in it and it was obvious you wish the best for each student. Thank you”. B.D.

14 Business Success Modules

158 Pages



BUSINESS MODEL “Business Development Modules & Lesson Plans”

                              From “Model” to “Succession”


How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Captain Kirk”?          Page: 10

          Multiple Choice Test                                                                   Page: 13


12. Model: Determining the economic viability of your business

          Customer, Exchange, Pro Forma                                                 Page: 14

                                                  “Sample Business Models”                 Page: 22



24. Benefits: It is the “hole” not the drill

          Resolution, Achievement, Result                                                 Page: 26


38. Answers: The information that you know will “respond” to the clients’ “IPN”

          Knowledge, Communication, Impact                                           Page: 34


51. Frequency: How often will you have to create “events”?                  Page: 42

          Quantity, Capacity, Requirements

52. Efficiency: How many “events” will you need day/week/month?     Page: 50

          Time, Cycles, Capability


64. Expansion: Developing more success & business other locations     Page: 58

          Influence, Duplication, Multiplication

65. Marketing: Communicating your “message” effectively.                 Page: 66

          Language, Benefits, Perception

                    Writing a Marketing Plan                                                  Plan: 74

How “Business Smart” are you: “Can you Help Winnie the Poo”?          Page: 78

          Stretch Your Mind                                                                       Page: 81

78. Call: A timely question to your listener                                           Page: 82

          Curiosity, Request, Disagreement

79. To: The question is specifically designed for your listener              Page: 90

          Psychographics, Identification, Graphics

90. Broadcasting: Sending out the message to “all” to hear, see and feel

          General, Communication, Engage                                                Page: 98     


91. Web Presence: Maximizing what your interest “presence” will create for you

          Internet, Social, Visible                                                               Page: 106

105. Sales Development: Combining Systems, Strategies & Tactics for sales 

          Presentation, Benefits, Delivery                                                   Page: 114


118. Transition: Transferring the business to a new owner 

          Selling, Partnering, Shares                                                           Page: 122

119. Succession: Transferring to Family; The road to peace for many generations 

          Training, Management, Transfer                                                 Page: 130

How “Business Smart” are you: Can you help “Little Bo Peep”?          Page: 138

          Stretch Your Mind: “Quick Marketing Plan”                               Page: 141

Table of Contents for Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three:          Page: 142


Course Curriculum

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About the instructor

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Shawn Jackson

Shawn R. JacksonBusiness Development ConsultantShawnJackson @BusinessBlueprintSuccess.com Mr. Jackson is a highly accomplished and results oriented Attorney & Instructor with over thirty years of broad-based sales/business development and marketing experience. He consistently receives excellent responses and results. His exceptional analytic, planning and organizational abilities coupled with excellent leadership, presentation and interpersonal skills and a dedicated work ethic creates an opportunity for businesses to grow and prosper. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ATTORNEY - 18 YearsHis experience includes consulting and transactional business development both in private practice and with various Community Chambers. His private practice includes business development and compliance issues for general corporations, close corporations and Limited Liability Companies. He has assisted multiple clients on legal formation, compliance and business structure, systemic development, strategic business growth and both National & International negotiations. Incorporation Startups including “C” Corps, “S” Corps & LLC’s Transactional Business Law, Intellectual Property, Contracts Contract Disputes, Real Estate Disputes Law and Business Development Center Alternative Dispute Resolution Empire Law School (cum laude) BUSINESS OWNER - 38 YearsHe has developed successful businesses for over 30 years with in-depth experience in manufacturing, retail and employee development skills. He is an astute, results-oriented leader with proven success in managing retail teams and achieving profitability within 90 days of the commencement of the venture. Owned & Operated Wholesale/Retail/Manufacturing Businesses since 1975. Developed Successful Business Teams Sales Training & Business Development for National Manufacturer Board of Directors: Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce"It is not often that I feel compelled to send a message of thanks to someone who has done a service for me, but I feel that you have really stepped up and gave more than what was expected throughout the process…. You were patient, compassionate, and professional. Thank you!" BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT - 28 YearsMr. Jackson formulates and executes sales strategies, business plans, and marketing programs that are responsive to a rapidly-changing market. His efforts have focused on market expansion campaigns, product launches and account penetration. He has extensive expertise in consultative sales development and presentation of complex programs, products and solutions.  Written, Designed and Implemented multiple Business Plans Instructor (Contracts, Business Organizations & Negotiation) Designed & Implemented multiple Systemic & Strategic Marketing Plans. Worked with the Target Corporation and Vendors for nationwide expansion. National and International Business Contract Development & Negotiation Worked with National Animal Rights Non-Profit Organization NEGOTIATOR - 30 YearsMr. Jackson has a demonstrated history of sound judgment and effective decision-making abilities with a distinction for managing high-level negotiations among senior management and achieving mutual and workable solutions to complex problems and profitable projects.  Negotiated multiple Licensor/Licensee Contracts in the United States. Negotiated Contracts with Principals in South Africa, United Kingdom.Hong Kong, Beijing, Belgium, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Negotiated Intellectual Property Agreements with national companies EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTOR - 20 YearsHe consistently receives the highest marks from students and fellow instructors. He provides a dynamic and interactive class with substantial class participation. Mr. Jackson understands that students will absorb and apply more education when they can see it, hear it, feel it and speak it. He also understands that education is, in part, entertainment, so humor is an important part of teaching.  Business Development Training (a 7 week course and a 12 week course) Workshop Instructor “Today’s Business Law”, “Negotiation Strategies for Success”, “Choosing your Legal Entity” Business Development Trainer; teaching entrepreneurs to be more successful.

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